Do I really like playing Sims Freeplay on my iPhone?

Sims Freeplay is relatively an old game released by EA but it is one of those free-to-play games for iOS and Android. Yes, there is a non mobile game and it has more features but the mobile version is more handy and you can play with your sims wherever you are. And that is why it is a big hit.

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Here are a few things that the Freeplay lacks. The Sims 3 has huge area and you feel you can go around. Freeplay don’t have this roaming feeling. Freeplay also lacks the micromanagement of your sims character. Remember in Sims 3 where you preset the character of your sim?

Micromanagement in the game is also very lacking. Like in Sims 3 where it is really challenging where your sims needs when not taken cared will quickly reach to critical level. There is also very little time to advance the character. I mean, it seems too easy compared to the bigger versions. You see, in freeplay, you simply send them to work and your sim will automatically advance. Specially on the first 2 levels where it is totally hands free.

But for a smartphone or tablet game, it is a good game. Not perfect but it does keep you company. Not too much as a strategy game so graphics is more important.

For the purest, Freeplay may not be a good version to start with because you have the hardcore Sims 2 and 3 for the PC where you really get to experience how growing your sims should be done. Customization or your contents and even modding can be done of the PC versions and you have a whole range of content to change to your liking. Yes, there are some events in the hand held game but it will cost you some extra. Still, its not bad to start with especially if you are the person who’s always on the go, Freeplay is for you.


Yes, it is one of those EA games that keeps you company. Not too much waiting and you get the job done. But for the die hard fans, they will always say it is lacking since it doesn’t give you a great deal of freedom – unless of course if you know some sort of sims freeplay money cheats or something. But for me personally, since I’m always on the go and hate sitting in front of a computer waiting for the time, I prefer this game. Fun and keeps you company.